Areaware Bent Nail Bottle Opener Coated

Article code 708389994490
A single bent nail embedded in an ergonomic wooden handle functions as a lever to pry open your beverage. Magnets are inlaid on both sides. One catches the removed bottle cap and the other holds the opener on your fridge when not in use.
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During his early years in Cote d’Ivoire and summers in coastal Maine, Brendan Ravenhill fell in love with the functional beauty of working tools and wooden boats. When Ravenhill was a child, his father curated a show called the Art of the Personal Object at the Smithsonian. This had a lasting impact, as did working with his father on carpentry projects. Ravenhill received a Sculpture degree from Oberlin College in 2001 and a Masters in Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2009. He loves taking tours of factories and the smell of cedar shavings. Brendan finds inspiration in objects that strike the perfect balance between form and function and that develop a patina through use and wear.