Star Spangled Spatula

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An all-American spatula, the Star Spangled Spatula pays homage to the USA's stars and stripes, as well as our country's love affair with outdoor grilling.
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RISD Alum Jacob Riley-Wasserman
Degree Furniture Design
Year 2012

Jacob Riley-Wasserman grew up in agriculturally and historically rich Greenwich, New Jersey. The rural farmlands of his small hometown created the perfect conditions for cultivating a big imagination, which he would later set free at Rhode Island School of Design. A 2012 graduate with a degree in furniture design, Jacob continues to design products, hoping to impact the way we live and play. In 2013, after his diagnosis, Jacob founded, an organization that raises money to fund cancer research. With every purchase of a Star Spangled Spatula Jacob donates 50% of his profits to the Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia where he was receiveing treatment.