Areaware Visibility Ridge Pitcher

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A stylish addition to any dinner table, this pitcher is made from handblown glass, it benefits from a rippled texture that promises both a sturdy grip and creates a wave-like optical illusion in the light. 680ml/24oz Dishwasher Safe
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RISD Alum Joseph Guerra & Sina Sohrab
Degree Furniture
Year 2012

Joseph Guerra and Sina Sohrab met at a house party. At the time, Guerra— an LA native— and Sohrab— born in Iran and raised in Detroit— were students at RISD. With complementary attitudes and analogous approach that begged collaboration, the two entered their studies with ambitions of pursuing the arts. It wasn’t until each stumbled upon a design class that they considered it as a course of study— and, once their paths intersected, a fruitful career. Now, five years into their practice and good friends, Guerra and Sohrab embody what their studio name— Visibility— implies: individual perspectives working in tandem to form a unique and multifocal view of design.