Autotype Film 15" x 23"

Article code 37409
This is a high quality textured polyester drawing film for artists and printmakers.
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True-Grain is a unique high quality textured polyester
drafting film which holds tone. If is a technological
breakthrough in the creation of hand-drawn prints,
since its unique textured surface and very high level
of transparency allows the reproduction of very subtle
washes and marks without the intermediate stage of
photography or laser scanning.
By drawing directly on True-Grain a wide range of
drawing materials may be faithfully reproduced through
photo-screen print, lithography and etching. Most
drafting films are non-textured and semi-opaque and
only capable of reproducing flat, solid marks drawn
with opaque photographic drawing materials.
It is the unique textured surface of True-Grain that
holds the tone. As the wash gradually dries, deep pits
in the film catch the tiny particles of pigment suspended
within the wash, producing the halftones for transfer
to photo-sensitive screens and plates.
Similarly the surface grain exerts an influence on
marks drawn with pencil, charcoals and crayon. The
broad tonal range now possible with True-Grain
delivers a fully resolved drawing using far fewer
colours than was required previously