ZeCar Push Toy

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Zecar is a very simple car. Just push him, you don't have push Zecar very hard, and he will go and go. Zecar is not a race car, nor a demolition derby machine. Zecar overcomes obstacles at his own steady pace.
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RISD Alum Chico Bicalho
Degree Sculpture
Year 1985

The metal wind-up toys Chico Bicalho designs for Kikkerland are notable for their humor and straight-forward design. Initially crafting each Critter by hand, he sold them to the Guggenheim Museum shop and other stores while living in New York City pursuing photography. Bicalho credits his in-between years as a construction worker with much of his skill in “putting things together,” which came in handy as he expanded his line of wind-ups. Now living in his native Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Bicalho continues to design toys while pursuing his passion: reforestation projects in the Brazilian rainforest.