Frozen Smiles Ice Cube Tray

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Freeze up a batch of Frozen Smiles and drop them into any glass - they're the ice cubes that grin right back at you (and your esteemed party guests). Frozen Smiles is made from soft, food-safe synthetic rubber.
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RISD Alum Jason Amendolara
Degree Illustration
Year 1994

Early in his career Jason Amendolara worked as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer for clients including Polaroid, American Tourister and Sylvania Lighting. Despite his success, he was eventually bitten by the toy bug and took a position as a designer at Club Earth - a toy company in Cumberland, RI, specializing in nature-themed playthings. Now, as design director, he works closely with a talented and creative team (including two RISD alumni) in pursuit of the perfect toy. Club Earth’s distinctive products can be found at zoo, aquarium and museum shops nationwide. Amendolara is based in Barrington, RI.