Mini Level Necklace Sterling Silver 18"

Article code 210000028970
This necklace is dainty and wearable! The level unit measures 9/16" x 1/4" (14mm x 6mm) long and is a nice bright green color. The end caps and 16" chain are all solid sterling silver.
RISD Alum LeeAnn Herreid
Degree Jewelry + Metalsmithing
Year 1991

Fine craftsmanship meets functionality and humor in the jewelry and accessories of LeeAnn Herreid, whose inspired creations appeal to men and women alike. By replacing gemstones with utilitarian objects in simple settings, she allows the beauty of these things - screws, rulers, carpenter’s levels, compasses - to speak for themselves, reflecting her belief that too much useless “stuff” leads to entrapment. After several years in the Southwest, Herreid is now based in Rhode Island, where she continues to expand her popular line of necklaces, bracelets and cuff links nationally through her company, Individual Icons.