OBEY Takeover Wallet

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Keep your cash and cards safe and in style with the Takeover trifold wallet from Obey. This trifold wallet features multiple card slots and a clear ID sleeve for easy access.
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RISD Alum Shepard Fairey
Degree Illustration
Year 1992

When Shepard Fairey 92 IL first launched his Andre the Giant Has a Posse sticker campaign in 1989, he was a student at RISD and wasn’t really thinking about changing the world. The prank was essentially intended to amuse his skateboarding buddies. But it quickly morphed into a broader statement about democratizing art, waking people up to their surroundings and getting them to ask questions. At and after RISD, Fairey went on to hone his spare, graffiti-esque style and introduce the OBEY campaign, which went viral decades before memes and social media were a thing.