Purr Over Pour-Over Coffee Maker + Mug Set

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Brewing a purrrfect cup of Coffee every time. Place a filter in the top section, add ground Coffee, then simply pour hot water over the grounds. Brewed Coffee flows through the cone and directly into the mug below. Porcelain. Dishwasher & microwave safe.
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RISD Alum Liz Goulet Dubois
Degree Illustration
Year 1989

From plush playthings to hip home goods, Liz Goulet Dubois has got you covered. She joined the Rhode Island-based company Easy Aces in 1991, where she was a chief developer of their popular Club Earth line of nature-inspired toys. 2005 saw the beginning of the company's home goods line called FRED, which she helped develop and currently contributes to as Senior Designer. Her top-selling products turn up in specialty stores across the country and beyond, and have appeared in national magazines like Oprah's O at Home, Everyday with Rachael Ray, and Family Fun and have been featured on The Today Show and HGTV.