Yuru Chen Sterling Silver Star Ring

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This ring is inspired by stars, and represents protection. Cast using sterling silver with a choice of platinum or rhodium-plating.
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RISD Student RISD Student
Degree BFA Jewelry + Metalsmithing
Year 2025

Yuru Chen was born in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province in 2003, and grew up in Shanghai, China. She is currently attending RISD as a student in the Jewelry + Metalsmithing department. She is expected to graduate as a BFA in 2025. Most of the time, Yuru creates her art pieces through wax carving, metalsmithing, and 3-D modeling. Her designs focus on traditional Chinese cultures and the power of memories. The pieces in this collection have been individually handcrafted by Yuru herself. Stay tuned throughout the year as she creates and releases more pieces of her collection.

"Stars inspire this collection. I was told that people we loved had never left us, they turned into stars and protected us."
- Yuru Chen