Han Chun Four Fields DH Ring

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Crafted from high quality sterling silver, this architectural design features sloping angles that point away from each other while the band delicately connects two opposing corners, giving it a balanced yet daring look. Perfect fit for all genders.
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RISD Alum Han Chun
Degree BARCH + BFA Architecture
Year 2022
This item is handmade to order. Include your ring size in the text box. If you have any concerns about sizing please email Han at [email protected]. Please note this is a handmade item and it may take up to 4 weeks to create.

Marrying his background of forging metal tools (while living near a railroad) with his experience in professional architectural practice - Han Chun combined his RISD Architecture degree with his passion for metalworking + jewelry. Han's creations are born from practice in Four Fields - Architecture, Metalworking, Jewelry, Design.

Through the process of simplifying forms and extracting necessary elements from architectural and industrial inspirations, Han creates unique, powerful pieces with minimal detail. Balance between style, form, and functionality is key to this designer's work; no element exists without purpose or thought behind it.

"Each element must be purposeful in order to achieve harmony between form and function, The results are one-of-a-kind pieces made for discerning tastes looking for something extraordinary." - Han Chun