General Info

Welcome to the campus art store of this prestigious art and design school! As you step inside, you're greeted by a vibrant atmosphere buzzing with creativity. The store boasts a vast array of art supplies, catering to both students and seasoned professionals in the world of 2D and 3D artistry.

Shelves line the walls, showcasing a colorful spectrum of paints, from oils and acrylics to watercolors in every hue imaginable. Canvases of all sizes stand neatly stacked, ready to be transformed into masterpieces. Sculpting clay, modeling tools, and intricate wire frames tempt sculptors, while displays filled with brushes, pencils, and markers of various textures and tips await the skilled hands of illustrators and graphic designers.

The staff, composed of practicing artists themselves, exude passion and expertise. They're always eager to assist, offering insights into the best applications of art supplies and guidance on the latest design products. Their knowledge extends beyond the products; they're adept at recommending materials for specific techniques, guiding novices through their first artistic endeavors, and aiding professionals in their creative quests.

Sections dedicated to specialized fields such as architecture, fashion design, animation, and industrial design are meticulously curated, showcasing tools and materials tailored to each discipline.

But our store isn't solely a haven for art supplies; it's also a celebration of artistic journeys. Adorning the walls are curated collections of alumni works, showcasing the evolution of creativity nurtured within these very walls. These pieces serve as an inspiration, a testament to the endless possibilities that artistic exploration holds.

In addition to these treasures, our store offers a delightful array of gifts and branded merchandise. From unique trinkets and artful novelties to branded apparel adorned with our school's emblem, there's something for everyone eager to carry a piece of our artistic legacy.

Whether you're a budding artist exploring your creative potential or a seasoned professional seeking the finest tools for your craft, our campus art store is a haven where imagination thrives, creativity flourishes, and artistic dreams find their means to fruition.