Storytime Book and Play Set

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Choose from Hansel and Gretel, The Three Little Pigs, Arthur's Toy House, Arthur's Tree House, or D.W.'s First Day of School. Each include play set, book, and carrying case.
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RISD Alum Sara Argue
Degree BFA Illustration
Year 2005

Straight out of RISD in 2005, she began working as a painter, freelance illustrator and graphic designer and have slowly built a career on a foundation of reaching for the stars. In 2013, she joined Kara Dyer in co-founding Storytime Toys, a boutique toy design and manufacturing company who brings beloved children’s stories to life as 3D playsets. They believe there is a need to preserve good, old-fashioned playtime, and our toys encourage imagination and a love of reading by harnessing the power of story. Take a look at