DIY Faux Heart String with Tombow’s TwinTone Markers

DIY Faux Heart String with Tombow’s TwinTone Markers


Step 1: Sketch

In your dot grid notebook, use your pencil to make a rough sketch of a heart. Make sure to fill most of the page, so it’s nice and big.

Step 2: Straighten the Lines

Next, you will want to straighten the lines of the heart to connect to the dots in your dot grid notebook. These will represent the “nails” around the heart. Try to make both sides of the heart as symmetrical as you can, so it looks even.

Step 3: Lightly Erase

Lightly erase all your lines with the MONO Dust Catch Eraser. Make sure you can still slightly see the lines. This eraser is especially useful because it leaves minimal eraser shavings behind when you use it.

Step 4: Outline the Heart

Take a dark pink TwinTone Marker and trace the outline of the heart using a ruler. The TwinTone Markers are great for drawing and sketching in a dot grid notebook because there are two tip sizes that allow you to draw and also add small details to your page.

Step 5: Draw in “String”

Just like in string art, you will need to add lines inside the heart. Start with the dark pink TwinTone Marker and create 8-10 lines with your ruler. Draw them at different angles and connect them from one side of the heart to the other side, just like you would nail art.

Step 6: Add More Lines

Continue to draw in more strings using all the different shades of pink TwinTone Markers. Focus on filling in any blank spaces to make the “strings” look even around the heart.

Step 7: Add Lettering

Write in a fun Valentine’s Day phrase in the middle of the heart using the Soft Tip Fudenosuke Brush Pen. PRO Tip: Go over the lettering twice, so it stands out against the pink lines.

Adrienne Castleton