Copper Sheet

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Copper sheet metal bends and stretches easily, making it one of the most common types of metal used for sculpture, construction, crafts and art projects, embossing, manufacturing, and electrical applications.
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The manufacturers of electrical equipment such as microchips, electromagnets, heat sinks, welding electrodes, and circuit boards are the highest consumers of copper sheet metal. The thermal conductivity of copper makes it one of the most useful materials for the manufacture high-end electronics.

Copper has the lowest reactivity rate. It does not react with water and acids, and copper oxide slows down its reaction with oxygen. The only other metals that have a slower reactivity rate than copper are precious metals which are too expensive to be utilized for industrial production. As copper does not react with water and acid, it makes copper sheet metal the go-to material for manufacturing conduit pipes, sewerage, and water pipes. Copper is biostatic, bacteria will not grow and multiply on it. This anti mild quality makes copper sheet metal a useful material in the manufacture of marine hardware.

Because copper is soft and malleable, it is easy to roll it into many different designs. This makes it applicable for decorative purposes in addition to its industrial use. This material is easily recycled without losing most of its quality. It is estimated that more than 40% of the new metal produced is recycled. For combined metals, copper is the highest percentage of material used. The fact that most of the copper used is recycled and reused makes copper sheet metal for sale more affordable as compared to the other types of metal. It is a favorite among artists who consciously utilize recycled materials.