Image and Enterprise: The Photographs of Adolphe Braun

Article code 9780500542323
In essays and beautiful color images, this book explores the life and influence of artist-entrepreneur Adolphe Braun (1812–1877). 160 pages
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Braun led campaigns of art and nature documentation in the early years of photography, with aims to produce work not only commercial but useful, comprehensive, and beautiful. Braun’s endeavor brought into common circulation images of nature and wonders of art from around the world.

This volume complements the exhibition Image and Enterprise: The Photographs of Adolphe Braun, on view at the RISD Museum from February 4 through April 22, 2000. view details

Maureen C. O’Brien and Mary Bergstein (eds.), with contributions by Deborah Bright, Susan Hay, Christian Kempf, and Naomi Rosenblum, with a foreword by Phillip M. Johnston
Published by Thames and Hudson with the RISD Museum, 2000

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