Patterns and poetry: Nō robes from the Lucy Truman Aldrich Collection

Article code 9780911517606
The RISD Museum’s collection of costumes for the Japanese Nō theater, arguably the finest in the United States, was assembled in the 1920s by Rhode Islander Lucy Truman Aldrich. 188 pages

This book documents the history of the collection, exploring poetic allusion in the imagery, traditional methods of making Nō robes, and the evolution of Nō costume over 650 years.

This volume complements the exhibition Poetry in Pattern: Selections from the Lucy Truman Aldrich Collection of Noh Costumes, on view from June 9 through September 3, 1989 at the RISD Museum. view details

Susan Anderson Hay (ed.), with contributions by Monica Bethe and Iwao Nagasaki
Published by the RISD Museum, 1989

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