Interior Drama: Aaron Siskind’s Photographs of the 1940s

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Aaron Siskind was a pioneer of abstract photography and teacher at RISD between 1971 and 1976, and this RISD Museum publication explores more than 30 of his lesser-known photographs, telling a personal story of process and inspiration. 68 pages
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During the 1940s, Siskind shifted from documentary photography to the personal, metaphorical images for which he is best known. He and many other American artists found that the events of World War II required a profound rethinking of their work, an inward turning. The title of this publication, Interior Drama, is taken from a 1945 article that Siskind wrote for Minicam Photography: “The interior drama is the meaning of the exterior event.” It also suggests Siskind’s private struggle to find his own voice in photography distinct from the dominant trend of documentary work.

This volume complements the exhibition Interior Drama: Aaron Siskind’s Photographs of the 1940s, on view from November 14, 2003, through January 25, 2004, at the RISD Museum.
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Essay by Jan Howard
Published by the RISD Museum, 2004

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