Manual 15: Green

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Manual 15 (Green) celebrates the color's myriad associations with nature and growth, environmentalism and sustainable practices, poison and currency, newness and hope, delving into the histories of specific pigments and processes.
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Manual 15 (Green) contributors include: Emily Banas, Rebecca Bedell, Gina Borromeo, Wai Yee Chiong, Ingrid Neuman, Laura Lamb Brown-Lavoie, Paul Crenshaw, Pedro da Costa Felgueiras, Tayana Fincher, Kyle Green, Elizabeth James-Perry, Ananda Martins, Nicole M. Merola, Conor Moynihan, Sean Nesselrode Moncada, Taylor Rose Payer, Simon Rettig, Timmons Roberts, Susan Sekaquaptewa, and Kajette Solomon. 

144 pages. Published Spring/Summer 2021 by the RISD Museum. Proceeds from RISD Museum publications support the work of the museum.