Da Brigh Modern Tarot Cards Deck

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Da Brigh ("duh-br-EYE") is a brand of Tarot cards which brings beautiful art to your divination table.
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The Original Tarot

A digitally remastered set of cards featuring the artwork of Pamela Colman Smith under the direction of Arthur Edward Waite. Printed on the finest card stock, the images are beautifully enhanced and the colors are vibrant.

A. E. Waite wrote the original guidebook, which has been updated and improved, just like the cards. Get a great historical deck modified for a modern audience; the perfect edition for tarot reading and your tarot deck collection.

Printed on 350gsm paper, this deck is highly durable and made to last. Using the latest technology, the cards have high color saturation, with crisp vectorized images.

The Black Tarot

Enter the darkness of the Black Tarot, where sparks of light punctuate the midnight realm.  From the incredible imagination of Victoria Iva, these 78 cards will offer you penetrating insight into the depths of your mind and soul. Inspired by her visions of the dark underworld, artist Victoria Iva created these eerie and macabre cards to help you penetrate the depths of the darkest reaches of your psyche and soul. Her incredible use of black, grays, and white render stunning images that will provide you with powerful personal and professional readings. This deck will truly take you to another world.

Her main criteria for any work is that there is something in the art that resonates with the individual on a deep level. She calls this "Magical Realism," which she describes as an artist’s strength and "glow" coming out in their artwork.

Printed on thick, luxury art paper, these cards have a gorgeous matte finish with curved edges and a black border. A simple and easy-to-read white typeface on the bottom shows the names of each card. The quality of the card stock will hold up in professional, repeated use, and the size of the cards will make them easy to shuffle.