Drawing Us In: How We Experience Visual Art by Hilton Als, Dorothy Allison, John Berger, Mark Doty, Mary Gordon, Bell Hooks, Alfred Kazin, August Wilson

Article code 9780807066072
A collection of essays which offers a range of views on the role of art in our psychic, social, and political lives.
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For the contributors to Drawing Us In, visual art makes us see what we haven’t seen before; it surprises, transforms, and comforts us. Dorothy Allison explains how a painting in a Baptist church taught her as a child that art connects people from disparate backgrounds. Alfred Kazin reflects on his wanderings around New York’s museums as a teenager. Mary Gordon finds that Bonnard’s still lifes put in perspective her mother’s struggle with illness and aging.

For anyone who has felt moved by the visual, this collection offers a delightful range of views on how and why art matters in our psychic, social, and political lives.