Sprinkle Stud Earrings Black

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These stud earrings are made with real cupcake sprinkles encased in Glitterlimes glitter resin bordered by a black circle rim. They are all so colorful, start with the rainbow and collect them all!
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RISD Alum Debbie Tuch
Degree BFA Jewelry + Metalsmithing
Year 1996

Since 1996, Debbie Tuch has designed and cultivated a world of jewelry that showcases the beauty in the foods we eat. With just a lime and some glittery resin, it began and has grown throughout the years as she has glittered countless local and international finds. Following her BFA at RISD, Debbie balanced a fine jewelry line along with Glitterlimes. Around 2007, Glitterlimes began to be Debbie's primary focus and it has grown ever since with new fruits, candies and snacks added to her line every year. After 16 years in California, Glitterlimes now resides in Brooklyn, New York. Her first year in New York, Debbie designed and decorated the legendary Christmas Tree in Lincoln Square, and the second winter brought her line to Barney's for Lady Gaga's Workshop.