Higgins Calligraphy Ink 2.5 oz

Article code 14173368898
Superior for use with drafting instruments or brushes, this ink may be thinned with water for washes and is excellent for use with airbrushes.
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Higgins Calligraphy Ink Black Pigment-Based Waterproof
Free-flowing black ink for use in all calligraphic and fountain pens.

Higgins Eternal Black Ink Pigment & Dye-Based Non-Waterproof
This permanent, ultra-dense carbon writing ink is excellent for calligraphy, fountain pens and airbrushes. Whether you are mastering lettering or creating dynamic pen and ink works of art, this ink is a reliable choice.

Higgins Fountain Pen India Ink Pigment & Dye-Based Non-Waterproof
Whether you are using your favorite technical pen, a brush or an airbrush system, this free-flowing ink produces smooth and vibrant color.

Higgins Sepia Calligraphy Ink Dye-Based Non-Waterproof
Rich, antique-looking brown ink for use in all fountain and calligraphic pens.