Melissa Borrell Mini Flower Popout Earrings

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Pop-Out Jewelry is a do-it-yourself "kit" that comes with everything you need to transform the graphic shape into a piece of wearable art.
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RISD Alum Melissa Borrell
Degree MFA Jewelry + Metalsmithing
Year 2005

Blurring the lines between art and functional design, Austin-based Melissa Borrell Design creates jewelry, home accessories and sculptures that integrate bold graphic elements with fluid organic shapes. Inspired by technology and architectural forms, Melissa’s work is sophisticated yet playful. She creates sculptures and installations that integrate light, shadow and movement into space-transforming artworks. Melissa’s body of work continues to evolve incorporating new concepts and technologies into her art. A native Texan, Melissa has lived in many cities around the globe. She worked as a studio artist in San Francisco for several years before moving to Providence for graduate schools are included.