Meris Barreto 4 Letter Word Holiday Card

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Holiday Collection! These hand crafted cards feature Meris's word play as she explores layers of meaning as a way of connecting with others through correspondence. Made by hand.
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RISD Alum Meris Barreto
Degree MAE Art Education | BFA Sculpture
Year 1974 | 1970

Meris Barreto knows four letter words and isn't afraid to use them. Her obsession started when she began her four letter word compendium, a four-letter word dictionary of sorts. From this project she has designed sculptures, shoes, installations and more. Her notable career has included numerous exhibitions spanning from RI, MA, PA, NC, CO, NM - all the way to South Korea. She taught art classes in the Providence School System, RISD Art Museum, and School One; She was also a critic teacher for the RISD Art Education Department. Meris is known by friends for responding to text messages with clever and charming four letter word reverberations.

To see more of Meris's extensive collection of work in materials such as marble, steel, glass, bronze and ceramics - visit