Original Sculpey White 1.75 lb

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Original Sculpey is America's first oven-bake clay — a modern modeling compound that stays permanently flexible and soft at room temperature. After baking, you can carve, drill, sand, re-bake, glaze and paint Original Sculpey with acrylic paints.
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Artists of all ages love Original Sculpey for unleashing their creativity. Seasoned crafters love its malleability. From decorative bowls, school projects catchall dishes to keepsake ornaments and beautiful jewelry, the possibilities for crafting with Sculpey clay are endless. 

Clayers working with Original Sculpey have created everything from stunning marbled pendants and earrings to sculptures and figurines inspired by art history or their favorite cartoons.

Bake Original Sculpey at 275 degrees Fahrenheit. It cures best at 15 minutes for every 1/4 inch thickness of uncured clay. 

If you are making a large or thick creation use aluminum foil as an armature under the clay.