Speedball Pen & Nib Sets

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Whether for an aspiring calligrapher or simply an appreciator of beautiful writing, these pen 7 nib sets are sure to inspire.
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Artist No. 5
Includes six Speedball pen nibs (B-1, B-3, B-5, C-4, C-0, and C-2), plus a pen holder. It includes a Hunt #56 school dip pen and a Hunt #102 crow quill in a crow quill holder.

C Style
Includes pen holder and six nibs (sizes 0-5). Excellent for line drawing as well as calligraphy and lettering.

Includes pen holder, 6 popular reservoir/dip type pen nibs. Set can be used with Roman text and italic lettering as well as any ornamental detailing or fine lettering.

Includes pen holder, five LC Series nibs featuring three reservoirs, plus one 513EF nib for fine-line script writing and a detailed calligraphy instruction sheet.

Designed for Copperplate and Spencerian scripts. Includes four pen nibs (two each of #101 and #103) and one oblique pen holder.

Includes two pen holders, six pen nibs (#56 Standard School Nib, #99 Standard Drawing Nib, #102 Crow Quill Nib, #107 Stiff Hawk Crow Quill Nib, #108 Litho Crow Quill Nib, #512 Bowl Pointed Nib)