Talas PVA Jade Glue

Article code 210000013965
Jade 403 sets the standard for PVA used in bookbinding, conservation, and fine art applications. It is a pH neutral and acid-free glue that will dry clear and flexible.
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This acid-free PVA glue is commonly used for most book and box making applications, adhering paper to paper, cloth to wood, leather, filling in cracks in art canvases and repairing ceramic objects. Holds firmly to plastic materials, and can be used on vellum.

Jade 403 acid-free adhesive is very useful for patching tears in paintings and reinforcing the bend at edges of paintings, and in very dilute form can secure fraying threads. It can also be mixed with wheat paste or methyl cellulose to slow down drying time.

A general purpose, resin based, internally plasticized polyvinyl acetate emulsion that contains no solvents. It is fast drying, very long lasting and forms a transparent, flexible film. It is thermoplastic and can be also used to form a heat set adhesive. Adhesive is water soluble when wet, and permanent when dry. pH neutral, acid free.