Technical Dog leash

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Made from climbing rope, a bunch of machined aluminum and steel parts, tightly- woven polyester topographic sublimated handle, and forged screw-gate locking carabiner. Please note that Color refers to the rope; handle and carabiner may differ from photo.
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RISD Alum Nicholas Miron
Degree Industrial Design
Year 2009

Nicholas Miron is an elegant sophisticated New England artist with a unique skill set gained via his  concentration in Industrial Design at Rhode Island School of Design, Nicholas's technical ID training is refreshingly obvious in his work. Industrial Design has armed Nicholas with a persistence needed to problem solve design challenges and the humility to capitalize on the strengths of others. He is eager to learn and has many peers who's work he admires greatly. Nicholas believes there are no questions that shouldn't be asked, and that information should be shared freely. He loves to learn from others and pass that information on. Ultimately the collective is greater than the individual.

TUENNE \ Technical Outdoor Design, is a product design company whose main products currently serve the Pet and Camera Industries.  TUENNE (pronounced “2N”) was named after founder Nicholas and his dog NIGEL. Tuenne recognizes the need for a sporty product with stylish modern design in both the Pet and Camera Industries. Referencing design elements from equipment inherent to rock climbing, surfing and biking became the linchpin of these new ergonomic products. Tuenne holds three granted United States and International Patents both covering the design and unique manufacturing process of its products.  Please check Tuenne out on Insta @tuenne_technical