Chihuly Signature Tshirt

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100% cotton shirt featuring the screenprinted signature of the renowned Dale Chihuly.
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RISD Alum Dale Chihuly
Degree MFA Ceramics
Year 1968

American glass artist and entrepreneur best known in the field of blown glass “moving it into the realm of large-scale sculpture”. In 1968, after studying with Harvey K. Littleton at the University of Washington, what was then the country’s only glass program, Chihuly went on to receive an MFA in ceramics from RISD. He stayed on at RISD to establish the glass department and begin a teaching career that would span 11 years. In 1980, Chihuly resigned his teaching post at RISD but maintained ties, returning periodically during the decade as artist-in-residence. In 1984, Chihuly was honored as the RISD President’s Fellow at the Whitney Museum in New York. It is just one of many awards and honorary degrees he holds.