Family Guy RISD Short Sleeve Tshirt

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Created for RISD by Seth McFarland and a RISD Store exclusive. 100% Cotton
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RISD Alum Seth McFarlane
Degree Film/Animation/Video
Year 1995

After graduating from RISD, MacFarlane got a job working for Hanna-Barbera Productions (now Cartoon Network Studios) when a professor sent his thesis film, "Life of Larry" (a precursor to "Family Guy") to Hanna-Barbera. He was a writer and/or storyboard artist for the shows "Johnny Bravo", "Cow and Chicken", and "Dexter's Lab". MacFarlane also did some work for Walt Disney Animation as a writer on the TV series "Jungle Cubs". MacFarlane has won two Emmys: one for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance and one for Outstanding Music and Lyrics (shared with "Family Guy" composer Walter Murphy). He also won an Annie for Best Voice Acting in an Animated Television Production.